Youth Behind-the-Wheel

Behind-The-Wheel Lessons

When your student is ready to take the next step to Behind-The-Wheel lessons with us, please let us know. They must have a Permit before they are allowed to sign up for lessons. There are some things that we would like to pass on to you as to how this part of the process works.

We will complete with your student a total of 6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel lessons. That will complete the State required minimum for instruction by a licensed driving school. An additional 50 hours (15 hours of night driving) is to be completed by the student and family members or guardians. Or, 40 hours (15 hours of night driving) if parent or guardian has completed the SPCC class Again, we stress this is State minimums. We want to make sure that your child is as comfortable as possible with their driving before they take the State Road Test. We try to work with the parents or guardians to make sure this happens. Some students will do fine with this amount; others will need a much longer period of time.

We will prepare them not only for the road test, but make sure they get as many different driving situations in as possible. Our last lesson will also take them to the Minneapolis area to give them a taste of city driving. We will show them how to parallel park, complete the 90 degree back, safe driving skills, etc. After many years of experience we find that It is very helpful that the student understand the basics of how to steer and maneuver a car around corners before lessons start. We encourage all of our students and their parents or guardians to go out driving as soon as they receive their permit. Get the feel for the road and how a car works. The involvement of the parents or guardians are an essential ingredient to the students ability to drive.

Area’s Esse Driving School- Chanhassen services

We offer free pick-up and drop off within 10 miles of our school location. This includes Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, and Chaska High School’s. If you are further away, we will be happy to arrange a convenient location to meet for Behind-the-Wheel lessons.

Meeting locations at local High Schools

Minnetonka High School- Main entrance
Eden Prairie High School- Community Center
Chaska High School- The Green House
Chanhassen High School-

We chose these locations as they are well known spots for most students. These are the only locations that Esse will pick up at the High School.

Contacting Us

You can get started on the Behind-The-Wheel lessons by contacting us in one of the following ways:

1. Call- 952-937-8551

After we receive your call, we will contact you within 1 business day. We schedule 1 lesson at a time to make sure the date is fresh in everyone’s mind and a missed lesson does not occur. As each student has different situations, it is up to the customer to let us know when they are ready for the next Behind-the-Wheel lesson. If you have any special requests or needs, please let your instructor know.

2. E-mail us this form: